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Say "Starving Artist" one more time!

For a while, as we at Cerebral Entertainment Studios contemplated ways to grow an artistic community that was mission driven and keen on social change, we were stuck. We couldn't figure out how to reach our warriors, rebels, healers and teachers in an age where we have become desensitized.

You see, as long as I have declared myself an artist/activist/humanitarian, I have encountered countless others who share the same angst to do good, to give voice to the voiceless and all of those feel-good things. Those same people also struggle in their personal lives to overcome their own adversities, and identify their oppressions in the various -ism's of societal constructs. We see the worlds biggest talents succumbing to depression, drug abuse and overall feelings of helplessness and think to ourselves, "Damn." It wasn't long before the world was declaring that artists are suffering too.

But, weren't we always?

It wasn't long ago that artists, who dared to practice their discipline full-time, were doomed to live a beggars life, hence the term "starving artist". We were told to pick a serious career, like a doctor, lawyer and scientist - if you were a person of color your options were even more limited and sometimes life-threatening. Then and now, creators fight internal and external battles by allowing themselves to be vulnerable. We revel in the tough and gritty stuff that most people don't want to adress so that it can manifest in this raw, yet magnificent, piece of work that you hang above your mantelpiece, or listen to on your way to work. (That art-deco building you buy in gentrified neighborhood? We designed that!) We suffer because we know great things will come of it; our pain will heal someone else's, our joy will inspire the desperate, our triumph will be your redemption song, our passion will intrigue you to listen...and somehow the world shunned us for it. Until now.

While we strive to give underrepresented groups accurate representation in media and entertainment, we also want to provide a community of support, collaboration and celebration. So yea, that's why we created this blog and our new #Artists4Change Facebook group. Join the group and rally your allies. Check out our spotlight featuring the fearless Ebony Haith, who is still on top in spite of her haters!

But it would be nice if you support "starving artists" on the rise by compensating them for their work and sharing their art, just as you would for Beyonce. Yeah, I said it!

And a message for all artists:

"There are many thorns, but there are roses too..."

- Tchaikovsky.

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